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Joshua P. Collins
Founder | Chief Investment Officer

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Attorney Greg T. Bailey
Chief Legal Officer | Double Degree (DD)

A company is only as powerful or as weak as its leadership is. is led by serial entrepreneur, Mr. Joshua Collins. Overseeing 16 innovative and highly-successful global brands under the umbrella, Consumer Financial Services, US, Mr. Collins knows how to win while maintaining efficacy and consistency. A communication GURU, Mr. Collins specializes in conflict resolution and problem-solving.

Having procured over $1.6B to so many plaintiffs, attorneys, and business owners in need via his 16 brands since December, 2005 (to mention a few:,,,, and, Joshua and his team decided to launch as a way to give individuals and businesses a way to obtain funding via our investors even if our clients were denied for funding by their bank or other lenders because we control the process.


Become A Broker

In the landscape of business funding, partnering with the right source is key to a) keeping your clients happy and b) maximizing your own profit. Consumer Financial Services, US ( exists to serve both our clients and our brokers. We put more money into your pocket and make ourselves available to our brokers more than most competitors. Onboarded brokers get the personal cell phone of our executives so that they can reach us much quicker than having to call the toll-free number and wait and wait and wait to finally hear back from a decision-maker at our firm.

We make you a top priority.

In order to be considered, please send an email to our Brokerage Liaison Executive, Mr. Joshua Collins at Be sure to copy

1M blessings to you and yours,


About Us

Consumer Financial Services, US ( exists to offer alternative business and personal funding options for those who desire alternatives outside of their banks or credit unions.

Our 3 Programs Are Below :

Term Loans – Lines of Credit – Merchant Cash Advance

  • Rates range from 5.49% to 30% + (Dependent on strength of personal credit)
  • No minimum length of time in business
  • Fixed monthly payment
  • No upfront fees
  • Full liquidity Immediately Funding in 7-15 business days


500 to 850 FICO scores in all 3 bureaus
*Your FICO score will determine the terms of an offer “if” you are ultimately approved.

Business Credit Card Program

  • 0% Interest for 6-12 months
  • No minimum length of time in business
  • Stated income
  • No upfront fees
  • Reports only to the business
  • Must have business entity


700+ Personal Credit scores in all 3 bureaus (680+ is acceptable)

Personal Credit Card Program

  • Build Credit with National Lenders (“A” tier)
  • Access to additional working capital
  • Become eligible for future funding options
  • Maximize amount of funding received


700+ Personal Credit scores in all 3 bureaus (680+ is acceptable)

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